22 Jun


My family is my home. An important way to ensure family closeness is by creating special family traditions. While we all know every eats turkey on Thanksgiving, add something special to the day. Perhaps set aside this day for the entire family to play games. Try playing something as simple as Bingo, where everyone will get a prize – and here’s the real treat – make the prizes “coupons”. For instance, “This coupon good for one free movie with mom” or “This coupon good for one indoor picnic.” Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for football, so organize a friendly family game of your own. You will be surprised how your children will come to treasure these special family times.
Many families that have grown and multiplied considerably but are scattered through the country make it a point to hold a family reunion each year. This is a great opportunity for cousins to get to meet one another, sisters to catch up on gossip and mothers to sit back and enjoy their children and grandchildren.
Another basic premise for keeping your family close is raising them in such a way that they like each other. By this I mean treat your children equally as they are growing; do not favor one over the other as this will lead to jealousy and resentment and will probably continue into adulthood. Foster closeness among your children, praising them equally for their own accomplishments without comparing them to each other.


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